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a data science platform for corporate finance

For too long, corporate finance has had to make do with subpar tools.

Plural brings you real data science, without the overhead of code.

use cases

deal origination

. proactively monitor your market

. surface potential deals

. explore M&A trends

assisted modelling

. run sensitivity analyses

. assess unit economics

. uncover undervalued opportunities

due diligence

. assess a company's market position

. generate market insights and trends

. explore corporate structures


we're the real deal when it comes to AI

We use state-of-the-art technology in order to generate complex financial insights.

We are specialists in NLP, machine learning, semantic search, and knowledge graphs.


a team of AI and finance experts

with the perfect blend of industry and technical experience, we know what to build and how to build it.

Camille Rougié

CEO and co-founder

Camille has eight years' experience in finance (investment banking and private equity). She spent two years at fintech startup MarketInvoice, where she launched new products worth £1m in revenue to the business. Camille studied linguistics, PPE, and finance across Oxford, Sciences Po (Paris), and the Wharton School.

In her spare time, she is a passionate advocate for proper bread and formatting (both requiring equal amounts of attention to detail), and enjoys listening to (and occasionally playing) music in a variety of settings.

Camille Rougié

Dr Jaron Collis

CTO and co-founder

Jaron holds a PhD in AI from Queen's University Belfast. He left an award-winning research group to lead development at several tech startups, and has over two decades' experience building natural language and knowledge-based systems.

He passionately believes work is for machines, and his life's ambition is to build intelligent systems to help achieve that goal. His colleagues have yet to find the limits to his encyclopaedic knowledge spanning Latin-American literature, vulcanology, philosophy, music, and Liverpool FC.

Jaron Collis

Michael Nissen

Product engineer

Michael works to bring the future into present tense through functional design and software engineering. He is a Danish-educated computer scientist and interaction design engineer, with industry experience spanning startups across five countries. He dreams product, and leverages his experience in designing and developing them in a hope to discover new, unobtrusive ways of enabling humans.

As any self-respecting Scandi, Michael is entirely dedicated to furthering the cause of minimalistic design, coffee, food, natural wine, and above all, bicycles.

Chris Samarinas

Data / ML engineer

Chris is an NLP and machine learning specialist. He has built, amongst others, several search engines, news recommendation systems, and question-answering systems. He holds an MSc in Advanced Computing from Imperial College London, and a BSc in Computer Science from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (where he graduated first with the highest GPA since 1992!).

He also is a keen pianist, video gamer, drone enthusiast, and avidly collects technical memes to the great delight of his teammates.

Corentin MarekChris Samarinas

Corentin Marek

Senior data / ML engineer

Corentin is an Entrepreneur First alum and a startup veteran. He was most recently with Arkera and Cytora in London, where he built NLP and deep learning infrastructures from scratch. He holds a MSc in Machine Learning from Joseph Fourier Université, as well as a BSc in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science from ENSIMAG in France.

When not at work, he can either be found refreshing his memory of Debussy on the piano, jamming on the guitar, or eating (mostly the latter).

Edmund Thompson

Data analyst

Ed recently graduated with an economics degree from Durham University, during which he spent a year studying finance at the University of Melbourne, Australia. Throughout university, he gained a broad range of experience across finance (investment banking and hedge funds), most recently interning at Greenhill & Co in London, a boutique M&A and restructuring advisor.

Outside of work, Ed can usually be found in a far-flung part of the world, probably on skis or a surfboard, and also enjoys live music and team sports.

Edmund Thompson

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