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Make better investment decisions

Our AI extracts and makes sense of messy company data at scale, to help you generate complex insights. We do 80% of the work, so you can add 80% of the value.

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Your on-demand data science service for financial insights

Plural is not just another company database.

We're an insights service.

We've built the richest, most complex map of the corporate landscape - our proprietary knowledge graph. Using advanced NLP models, we go deep into company websites, filings, news sources, to understand what they do, their ecosystems, and how well they're doing.

See for yourself.

Try it for yourself

Build your own query with industry keywords, financials, or location

Save Time

Save hours in valuable workflows

Our AI models automatically extract and assign industries based on how companies describe themselves online

We extract financial information for each company, automatically - and we always show the source

We use the latest natural language processing and machine learning techniques to deliver precise and highly-accurate results

Save Hours
Discover Opportunities

Discover off-market opportunities before anyone else

Thanks to our detailed segment mapping, you can perform detailed searches like never before

Define your market, from "aerospace" and "industrial robots" to "luxury tea and coffee brands"

Explore related segments, apply additional filters, and preview the companies to make sure you're on the right track

Discover Search Opportunities
Generate Insights

Generate bespoke insights, on-demand

Generate results, with instantly computed sizes of your desired markets as well as additional metrics (growth, profitability, etc.)

Our intuitive interface allows you to explore results easily and fine-tune them to fit your own preferences

Generate Market Insights

Make smarter investment decisions

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 882725.

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